Gilani Canned Ash Reshteh


Gilani Canned Ash Reshteh

Product Description:

One of the most famous types of ash in Iran is string ash. Usually this soup is served with curd or vinegar and sometimes with pickles. This delicious dish can be used as a main dish or as a delicious and hearty appetizer. Canned Gilani string soup with the combination of ingredients of this delicious soup, including vegetables including spinach, coriander, parsley, dill and leeks and the amount of beans according to its 460 grams volume, using high-quality raw materials and in accordance with the original recipe and It is traditionally prepared. This can has an easy-to-open lid. Even though the preparation of this delicious soup is very simple, but there are certain techniques to be followed in cooking it, so if you are not familiar with it or do not have the time to prepare it, you can prepare canned Gilani soup as soon as possible. Enjoy the taste of this authentic Iranian soup. No preservatives are used in this product and the sterilization process is performed using an autoclave (large steam device). Be sure to boil for 20 minutes before consumption.