Gilani Shole Ghalamkar Ash


Gilani Shole Ghalamkar Ash

Product Description:

Shole Ghalamkar soup is one of the traditional and ancient Iranian dishes. Special and aromatic vegetables are used to prepare this delicious soup. Canned Sholeh Ghalamkar Gilani soup has provided easy and quick access to this delicious soup by preserving all the principles of its traditional cooking recipe for dear consumers. The weight of each of Gilani Shelle Gelamkar's canned food is 460 grams, and high-quality food ingredients are used in its preparation. Among the ingredients of Shole ghalamkar Gilani soup, we can refer to meat, parsley, coriander, spinach, leeks, rice, and other appropriate seasonings. By preparing this canned Shole ghalamkar soup, it is possible to enjoy this delicious food as quickly as possible with confidence in the quality of its production. No preservatives are used in this product and the sterilization process is performed using an autoclave (large steam device).