Gilani Frozen Fried Mint and Parsley

400 gr

Gilani Frozen Fried Mint and Parsley

Product Description:

The taste and originality of delicious and authentic Iranian stews, such as vegetable and celery stews and similar dishes, comes from the use of the right amount of vegetables such as mint and parsley. The advantage of using these vegetables is that they are fresh and that they are chopped in a suitable and uniform size. Gilani's fresh frozen mint and parsley is one of the vegetables prepared in the freshest possible state and frozen in a quick process (IQF) which is completely different from home freezing, and the possibility of using fresh and cleaned vegetables for all loved ones who can use them. And they don't have to prepare fresh vegetables and chop them. Freezing these products reduces the possibility of bacteria growth to zero and you can consume it with ease.