Gilani Fried Fine Herbs for Ghormeh Sabzi

500 gr

Gilani Fried Fine Herbs for Ghormeh Sabzi

Product Description:

Ghormeh sabzi is one of the most delicious and popular ancient Iranian stews, which has a hearty and delicious flavor. To prepare this tasty stew, it is necessary to choose, chop and fry the vegetables used in it in the right proportion so that it can be cooked perfectly.
The proportion of vegetables used to prepare this delicious and popular stew plays a significant role in its taste.
Gilani Food Group can satisfy your need for these vegetables in its appropriate proportion by preparing a product called frozen fried vegetables.
For this purpose, by using special vegetables for Ghormeh sabzi stew, which are all grown and produced daily, and chopping them into the right size, fried and frozen with IQF process, it has met the needs of the dear consumer.