Gilani Celery stew without meat


Gilani Celery stew without meat

Product description:

Celery stew is one of the famous and very popular Iranian dishes and it is very similar to Qorme Sabzi, and maybe this is one of the reasons why this stew is prepared in different forms. Canned Gilani celery stew is prepared according to the original and real recipe of this stew, and by preserving the properties of all the ingredients used in this stew, it brings a unique and memorable taste at the beginning of health and quality. The vegetables that make up Gilani celery stew include celery stalks, celery leaves, parsley and mint. No preservatives are used in this product and the sterilization process is performed using an autoclave (large steam device). Gilani meatless celery stew is a delicious dish for vegetarians. The weight of this product is 460 grams and an easy-to-open door is used for this product.