Gilani Raw Fine Herbs for Ghormesabzi

400 gr

Gilani Raw Fine Herbs for Ghormesabzi

Product Description:

The freshness and use of the appropriate amount of each of the vegetables used in the Qorme Sabzi stew and its effect on the unique taste of this Iranian stew are not hidden from anyone. Nowadays, due to the existing businesses, it may not be possible for everyone to prepare fresh vegetables and chop them to prepare Qormah Sabzi stew. Believing that healthy food is one of the main pillars of personal and social health, Gilani Food Group has made this possible for our dear consumers by preparing a variety of prepared food and products. Gilani frozen unfried vegetables is one of these products that you can prepare with the ease of thinking about freshness and observing all the hygiene principles in the production process of this product, and by cooking a unique vegetable stew and spending less time, you can have a unique meal on the side. Have your loved ones. If you are busy everyday and don't have enough time to cook sabzi ghorme, you can use Gilani sabzi ghorme canned.