Gilani frozen rice cherry sauce

400 gr

Gilani frozen rice cherry sauce

Product Description:
Cherry rice is one of the types of Iranian food that is mostly prepared and served as a special food in gatherings and parties. This tasty and delicious dish is a mixture of cherry, meat (grilled or chicken) and rice, and if it is prepared in a proper and original way, it has a very pleasant taste. Perhaps one of the reasons that make us less likely to cook this delicious dish is the lack of access to fresh and tasty cherries in all seasons, as well as the process of pitting it, in addition to cooking it and preparing the main ingredient, there are techniques that must be followed. until it is cooked properly.

Gilani frozen rice cherry sauce is a new product that makes it very easy to cook this authentic Iranian dish and provides the possibility of preparing a tasty and well-liked cherry rice for your loved ones. This sauce is made from fresh cherries and its freshness is a proof of its excellent taste and quality.