Gilani Canned smoked tuna


Gilani Canned smoked tuna

Product Description:

Gilani smoked tuna has a pleasant and interesting taste. Consuming this canned fish with rice will bring you a delicious and long-lasting taste. One of the positive features of Gilani smoked tuna is that it is low in salt, so it can be a suitable and nutritious food for athletes and people with high blood pressure. Canned Gilani smoked tuna is a suitable option for traveling and people who don't have enough time and patience to cook homemade food. No preservatives are used in this product and the sterilization process is performed using an autoclave (large steam device). The weight of this product is 180 grams. After opening the lid of the can, do not store the remaining food in the refrigerator or in a metal canning container because the fish may react with the metal of the container. Be sure to boil for 20 minutes before use.